A nonprofit organization for special needs families

Requirements for Assistance

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

  • Medically necessary letter from a physician indicating the equipment you're in need of.

(Note: DME items are donated to HFAR either as new or gently used.)

Incontinence Supplies (diapers, adult briefs, wipes, underpads/chux)

  • Medically necessary letter from a physician
  • You will receive no more than 1 package, unless additional are requested in the letter, not to exceed three.

Travel Assistance

  • The application must be approved at least 4 weeks prior to the appointment
  • Must provide upcoming appointment information: from your patient portal, on doctors letterhead, or upcoming appointment document from the specialist office/clinic.
    • Must include patient name, date of appointment, the name of clinic/office, and the address.
  • Must send back doctors note in order to be able to apply again for our programs

Enteral Feeding

  • Medically necessary letter from a physician
  • Must indicate what items you are in need of, for example:
    • Formula: Brand
    • Feeding pump type
    • Feeding tube type (i.e. NG, GJ, MIC-KEY, BARR, PEG, etc)

Adaptive Vehicle Assistance

  • Medically necessary letter from a physician
  • Must have purchase agreement already prepared by dealership
  • If requesting rental vehicle
    • Must provide rental agreement including dates of trip, vehicle, and total cost

Financial Relief for home expenses

  • For primary residence only
  • Must provide bill statement showing either past due by no more than a month, and/or bill due within 30 days
  • Billing statement must be in your name (or applicant's name)
  • Only 1 bill will be paid per application
  • Covered home expenses:
    • Mortgage/Rent
    • Utility (water, gas, electric)
    • Cable
    • Internet
    • Home Phone
    • Cell Phone

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Terms & Conditions

Application Review: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. You must submit all required documentation within 30 days of your submitted application. Click here to review requirements. All decisions are made from the HFAR review committee.

Covered Home Expenses: The expense must be for the primary residence where the applicant resides. Covered expenses include: rent, mortgage, water, electric, gas, cable, internet, home phone, cell phone (for the applicant only).

Documentation: All required documents must be sent to us within 30 days of your submitted application. You have three methods to send your documentation:

Durable Medical Equipmet: HFAR provides new or gently used donated equipment. Most equipment must be picked up from our Maryland location, however, smaller items can be shipped directly to you.

Funding Criteria: HFAR does not have any restrictions to the applicants income or age.

Payment: All funding is sent directly to the provider. No funds are distributed directly to families, except for gas cards, which are distributed from our third-party vendor in the form of a Visa gift card.

Medical Criteria: HFAR will provide assistance to any applicant who has a chronic condition which requires care from a specialist. The condition must present at the time of the application and when services/funds are rendered. 

Here For A Reason (HFAR) reserves the right to distribute funds at its sole discretion. HFAR may pursue restitution for funding if it is determined that the information submitted on the application is false.